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Aluminum Windmill Pond Aerator 20 Ft

Price: $2,400.00
Item Number: WSA 20

Potteryland Online is proud to introduce to you our line of beautifully hand crafted aluminum aerator windmills! Our quality built in the USA aerator windmills feature an all aluminum structure with stainless steel bolts and nuts, assuring your windmill will be durable and rust free for many years to come! Red decal tape assures you will never have to paint!

You have gone to all of the time and expense to create your own private sanctuary around your garden pond and are now trying to find an effective and affordable way of keeping your pond looking and smelling beautiful! Our beautiful and durable Aeration Windmills are perfect for helping keep the water fresh and clean without harsh and harmful chemicals! By using the natural wind, your pond can stay healthy year round. In the main photo in the lower right hand corner you will notice how much air our aerators produce, that oxygen will keep your pond beautiful.

Our aerators produce approximately 3 cu ft @ 15 mph of wind, the stronger the wind, the more cu ft produced. Break-in period requires 8 to 10 mph of wind, after 1 month or so 3 to 5 mph of wind required.

Aerator Windmills are measured for base, to tip of fan.  The 20 ft. aerator windmill has a 60" fan and a 48" square base


Ground Anchors (Concrete Recommend With Installation)

100 f Non-Weighted Airline (weighted available)

Shipping boxes are (1) 3" X 7" X 100" apx. 53 Lbs.  (2) 62" X 7" X 62" apx. 92 Lbs. (3) 22" X 12" X 34" apx. 66 Lbs.

Tower components do need to be assembled, and windmill and aerator requires ground installation which is not included! Simple installation should take between 2-5 hours depending on size, ground type and skill. It is important that you check your local codes and bylaws before ordering.  You must also call your local utility locating service to locate any and all utilities that may near you windmill location site.

All of our all aluminum windmills ship for the low price of a copper penny!

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