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Potteryland, Inc.
56350 Van Dyke
Shelby Township, Michigan 48316
(586) 781-4425

Taking care of your terra cotta fire pot (Chiminea)

·    Position fire pot outdoors, clear of roofs and trees.

·    If placing on a wood deck, set on bricks or flagstone.

·    Before firing, place 3 to 4 inches of lava rock or gravel inside base of fire pot.

·    Use logs, wood scraps or branches.

·    Use newspaper to start fire instead of starter fluid.

·    Do not use charcoal or artificial logs, as they burn too hot and may cause the firepot to crack.

·    Always warm up fire pot slowly.

·    First build a small fire, allowing pot to heat up for at least 20 minutes to avoid cracking.

·    Never use fire pot if it is wet if fire pot becomes wet and freezes it may crack.  To repair crack apply silicone sealant to both sides of crack and let stand for 24 hours before use.

·    After a rainfall, a natural white alkaline may appear on fire pot. To clean, gently scrub surface with vinegar and a nylon brush. Rinse quickly after alkaline dissolves.

·    The entire fire pot will radiate heat: keep children at a distance to avoid being burned, and do not touch pot once fired.

·    Never leave fire pot unattended while in use.

·    Completely extinguish fire before leaving unattended, especially on wood decks.

·    Fire pot should be stored indoors, out of the extreme winter weather.

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